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Breast Lift


You can call it Mastopexy. It is a sort of Breast Lift Surgery that ensures you have the perfect, firm as well as raised breasts. Surgeon works on his/her ways towards making sure the excessive skin is removed, including surrounding tissue to tighten, reshape and support the new breast contour. Don’t worry since internal breast tissue is also taken care and given the best resolution to get them reshaped in size. The best part – Firm Breasts (Nice Look)!

Why Breast Lift Surgery:

  • If you are looking to reshape or tighten your breast contour, you surely need to go after Breast Lift Surgery
  • In case you have excessive skin, and want to get rid of it around Breast.
  • Looking ways to improve and make your breasts highly firm and raised!
  • Ensuring you don’t have increased size of areola, because that’s what causes enlarged breasts over time!

Is Breast Lift Surgery for me?

  • In case you are completely healthy and mentally sound!
  • You should always keep realistic expectations
  • Ensure that you have developed breasts
  • Make sure you go through Breast Lift Surgery in case you have lost breasts’ shape and firmness
  • Go with the surgery if your nipples and areolas point downward
  • There’s imbalance – One breast is lower than the other

Mere Causes (Not Permanent) of Breast Lift Surgery:

  • Bleeding or Infection
  • Sort of Fluid Accumulation Over Your Breast (Operation Site)
  • Slight Scars
  • Thickened Red Scars
  • Swelling & Bruising
  • You may feel breast and nipple sensation

What You Need To Do Before Breast Lift Surgery?

  • Be fit and sound
  • Possess body weight that is normally required
  • See for the medication procedure and tools to be used!
  • Stop smoking as well as chewing Tobacco!
  • Avoid Anti-Inflammatory Drugs if Possible (If Suggested)
  • Stop taking certain medicines (If Suggested)
  • You may be required to sign a consent form!

Terms Related To Breast Lift Surgery:

  • Mammogram:
  • It’s a sort of X-Ray of Breast
  • Mastopexy
  • It’s a Surgery To Lift Breasts
  • Sutures:
  • Surgeons do stitches to tighten and hold skin, tissue together!
  • Intravenous Sedation:
  • It’s an Injection into your vein to help you relax
  • General Anesthesia:
  • They are some sort of Drugs as well as Gases, being used during an operation to making sure further that you feel relaxed, including pain (You might have) and alter consciousness at the same time!

Contact Your Surgeon Post-Breast Lift Surgery:

  • If there’s Nausea, Vomiting as well as Shortness of breath
  • In case you are experiencing heavy bleeding form the incisions
  • Blood is getting leaked
  • Worst scar as well as redness around the breasts
  • In case you are experiencing increased pain as well as tenderness in any of your breasts!
  • If you started any drug or medication that is affecting your surgery
  • In case you are looking for the Breasts Care Checklist!