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The Laser Beam Penetrates The Skin And Is Absorbed In The Hair Follicle Residing Under The Skin Surface. The Heat Of Laser Is Absorbed By The Black Colored Hair Shaft. This Then Accumulates In The Root Of The Hair And At The Hair Follicle.


What Is A Laser?

Laser Is An Acronym For Light Amplification By The Stimulated Emission Of Radiation.Unlike Normal Light, Laser Is Made Up Of One Colour, The Rays Of Light Are Parallel And The Rays Travel In Step With Each Other. These Properties Make Laser Light Very Powerful.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

The Laser Beam Penetrates The Skin And Is Absorbed In The Hair Follicle Residing Under The Skin Surface. The Heat Of Laser Is Absorbed By The Black Colored Hair Shaft. This Then Accumulates In The Root Of The Hair And At The Hair Follicle. Here It Bursts The Hair Growing Active Cells Of The Follicle And Reduces Or Eliminates The Future Growth Of The Hair In The Area.

Will The Hair Removal Treatment Be Painful?

Most People Describe The Experience As Sting Or Mild Burn. Sensitivity Differs From Person To Person And From One Area Of The Body To Other In The Same Person. The Laser Has A Cooling Tip Which Will Reduce Such Experience And You Will Also Have An Application Of Cooling Gel Over The Skin.

Why I Need Multiple Sessions Of The Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

 We Need To Understand The Growth Cycle Of The Hair, Here. The Hair Growth Is Divided In To Three Phases Of A Cycle.

The anagen phase or the growth phase : In this phase the hair is undergoing active growth and the melanin content is at its peak. The laser will be very effective on hairs in this phase.

The catagen phase or the phase of regression : In this phase the hair is shrinking and melanin content is regressing. The hair is less likely to be affected by the laser when it is in this phase.

The telogen phase or resting phase : The hair follicle, as the name suggests is not growing and is resting in this phase. The hair will soon fall and new hair cycle will start from the follicular cell with the new hair coming in anagen phase again. The follicle can not be targeted in this phase by the laser.

At any given time, some hair are in anagen phase, some in catagen phase and others in telogen phase. Thus hairs which are in anagen phase will only be affected. The remaining hairs will not be affected by laser. They will be taken care of in the next sitting when they reach the anagen phase.

What Should I Expect Following The Laser Hair Removal?

Once The Treatment Is Complete, The Area Exposed To The Laser Is Cleansed And You Are Free To Return To Your Normal Routine. Some Clients May Experience A Slight Reddening Around Hair Follicles Following The Treatment, Which Typically Disappears Within A Few Minutes. It Is Always Recommended To Avoid Sun Exposure And To Use Sunscreen For 2 Days Following The Laser Treatment. Also Post Laser, You Will Experience A Hair Growth Right From 2-3rd Day And Unlike Waxing The Skin Will Not Feel Smooth. This Is Because, The Hair Follicles Affected By The Laser Are Lifeless And The Body Will Attempt To Cast Them Off Over A Period Of Time. It Will Seem That The Hair Continues To Grow For One Week After The Procedure, But In Fact These Lifeless Hairs Will Easily Fall Out Most Of These Hairs Were Treated And Are “Falling Out” It Is Not Re-Growth. Also In One Sitting Only The Anagen Hair Are Targeted The Hair In The Telogen And Catagen Phase Are Still There And Will Grow Post Shaving.

What Are The Steps In The Laser Hair Reduction Process?

The Hair On The Part To Be Treated Will Be Shaved. If Hair Is Not Shaved And The Laser Delivered, The Long Hair Shaft Will Is Absorb Energy And May Also Burn The Surrounding Skin After Shaving A Cooling Gel Will Be Applied To The Skin . The Laser Will Now Be Applied With The Hand Piece With Cooling Tip. This Will Minimize The Pain Or The Sting. The Treatment Time Can Vary Based On The Area. The Upper Lip Takes Only A 20-30 Minutes While The Back Or Legs Can Take Up To An Hour Or So.

Do I Need The Test Patch?

A Patch Test Would Be Done Only If You Are Concerned Or The Doctor Thinks Your Skin Is Likely To Be Very Sensitive To The Laser. This Patch Test Ensures That We Set The Right Settings For Your Skin And Hair Type. Also This Patch Test Tells Us How The Laser Suits Your Skin Type. You Would Be Called After One Month For The Actual Treatment.

What Are The Risks Associated With Laser Hair Removal?

Laser Hair Removal Has Proven To Be A Very Safe Procedure . Immediately After The Treatment The Skin Will Look Pink And Slightly Inflamed Similar To A Sunburn. This Will Subside Within An Hour Or Two But A Slight Redness May Last For Up To Two Days. Occasionally, Some Clients Will Have Temporary Pigment Changes. These Will Go Away In About 3-4 Months.

Will I Get Complete Removal Of Hair?

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Will Result In Permanent Hair Reduction. Depending On The Treatment Area And The Growth The Doctor Will Suggest The Number Of Sittings You Will Need To Undergo. Studies Have Shown 48% Reduction In Hair Growth After 3 Treatments And Up To 80% Lasting Reduction After 5 Treatments. After All The Treatments Are Over, The Hair Growth Will Be Definitely Reduced To A Great Extent Or The Growth May Stop Totally. This May Remain Permanent. If Not, There Will Be Positive Changes In The Growth Pattern. Where You Were Having Thick Coarse Hair Like Underarms Etc, You Will Now Have Fine Light Minimally Visible Hair. Depending Upon The Hair Growth Cycle, Different People May Require Maintenance Treatments At Different Times. On An Average, An Individual May Require Anywhere Between 1-4 Maintenance Treatments Per Year, Again Depending On The Growth Density And Pattern.

Case Study

My Daughter Is 13 Years, Is She A Good Candidate For The Hair Laser Hair Removal?

Since A Child Of 12 Years Is Going Through A Growing Phase, She Is Undergoing Some Hormonal Changes. Hence The Laser Treatment May Not Be Effective.